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A Questionable Hook-up. A person you wouldn't or shouldn't hook-up with.
A QH is someone you kissed (or hooked-up with) that you probably shouldn't have. Furthermore, if someone wants to hook up with you, but finds out you hooked up with someone they would question, now they are questioning whether or not to hook up with you, because of your judgment in hooking up with the person you did.
by CXMAN October 09, 2009
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A Blanche is a Cassandra constantly bemoaning life's hardships, but to no avail as few are listening. Things will continue as they are. Thus, in turn making Blanche a buffoon of sorts. Though an amusing one. Blanche is innocent, but misguided. A knave.
Scene: " Officer, I can't believe you're issuing me a ticket for driving in the 'car pool lane', I didn't know." The officer's response would be, "But you are, Blanche".
by CXMAN October 24, 2017
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