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1. noun. One who gorfs the chode.

2. noun. Pillow biter from out west, also known as Democrat Dave.
John: "I voted FOR felching BEFORE I voted against it"

George: "rope smoker"
by C2 November 04, 2004

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A rope smoker who puts from the rough. Originated in a bar in San Fransisco in the early 1800's when a wrangler named "Tad" was caught goober gazing Wyatt Earp's peace maker.
"Hey guys, that there is what we call a ass roper, see them wrangler jeans?"
by C2 October 30, 2004

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Like a rasberry but not, its a jisnberry. How obvious do you want it. A soft outer shell with a pearly cream-filled center
"...bite into my Jismberry and feel the moistness all over your face"
by C2 January 01, 2005

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Nickname for a slut in an office somewhere in time, between this galaxy and the next, who's face will look like a glazed donut soon.
FC "Hey Krispy Kreme, are you ready for the geyser?"

KK "Yea baby, hit me with the juice"
by C2 October 29, 2004

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