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THE BEST SPORT EVER! yeyah. We run through the woods. its hella intense. all those people who say it isn't a sport are lame. they just cant run that far. The boys tend to be either really skinny, or have really nice bodies....esp. when they run with their shirts off and get all tan
C: I have an XC meet today!
MC: XC isnt a sport.
C: thats because you cant run
by C07 June 23, 2005

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A word that needs to be defined. Basically its a sphere, floating in space. It has both land and Sea...oh and some air too. it is also called earth. Its pretty tight.
Urban Dictionary. Define your world.
by C07 June 23, 2005

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a. descripttion word of a crazy moment.

b.a situation of intense pressure.

c. A filler word in a break in the conversation.

d. Used in a phrase to be extra cool, funny and to add meaning to the word.
a.Damn. That fight was intense.

b.That test was so intense.

c.Bob: yeah
Sally: uh huh........
Bob: intense.

d.That was intense like the circus.
That was intense like camping.
by C07 June 26, 2005

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Its a small city right in the middle of Oakland. Many people dont like it because we have a reputation for being snobby, stuck up, racist, spoiled and materialistic. For a couple people at our school, this is true...but what school doesnt have these people?
Piedmont is really pretty and a nice town. Most people either hate it or love it. We have a deep sense of community, but some people can be all bad.
At a soccer game:
A: Get outta my way stuck up piecmont bitch.
P: What? im not stuck up. What is your problem?
by C07 June 23, 2005

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