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The cacophony of sound made by multiple noisy farts and/or bowel movements coming from multiple stalls in the mens bathroom.
I couldn't take a crap today at work; there was only one stall available in the mens bathroom and I didn't want to join the tuba circus.
by C. Elliot Lee September 20, 2013

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A cross between Fu Manchu and Gene Shalit, a fu man shalit is a mustache that is similar in shape to a fu manchu mustache but instead of being thin and narrow it is bushy and full like the mustache worn by film critic Gene Shalit. Sometimes this results from somebody trying to wear a fu manchu style mustache but lacking the patience or skill to maintain it's slender shape.
Paul Teutul, Sr. from American Choppers has worn a fu man shalit for more than 40 years now.
by C. Elliot Lee September 22, 2013

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When somebody's name matches what they do, who they are or some characteristic about them, which may or may not result from a phenomenon known as "nominative determinism."
The famous race car driver Sam Speed, the head rowing coach Mr. Rosewell, my paraplegic friend Ted Wheelwright, and the local zookeeper named Sandy Lyons all have job de plumes.
by C. Elliot Lee September 20, 2013

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The patronizing and subtly offensive, casual manner of speech and behavior white people adopt when associating or transacting with African-Americans or people they consider "urban." Typically this involves slang, such as use of the words "man" and "cool," as well as physical gestures like non-traditional handshakes. Despite its misguided nature and condescending effect, often being "laid-black" is well-intentioned and designed to put the other person at ease.
Hey Brandon, did you notice Keith acting so casually at the cocktail party, saying things like "it's cool man" and "that's what I'm talkin' about"? Yeah, he was pretty laid-black because Karen's African-American boyfriend was there.
by C. Elliot Lee September 26, 2013

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Pronounced TOSS-EE-AY (like dossier), a tossier is a collection of internet history or other information containing detailed information about a particular person's masturbation habits.
How did you know Charlie was into plus-sized women? Easy, the last time I borrowed his computer I printed out his internet history and created a tossier on him.
by C. Elliot Lee September 21, 2013

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An acronym standing for "Phone, Asian, Chick, Elderly," stereotypically considered the four worst categories of drivers (i.e., people talking on cell phones, people of Asian decent, women and old people). Similar to a pace car in NASCAR, the PACE car usually sets the pace for the flow of traffic by driving slowly or erratically in front of cars wishing to pass or drive faster. Once the PACE car gets out of the way, traffic will return to normal speeds and predictability. Often other drivers in the rear of the pack will guess which category the PACE car driver belongs to before seeing the driver when and if they are finally able to pass.
Be careful honey, it looks like there's a PACE car up ahead creating a bottleneck in the flow of traffic. At first I thought they were looking for an address or parking space but now I can see its just a PACE car. What kind of PACE car do you think it will turn out to be?
by C. Elliot Lee September 15, 2013

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