A locally famous sandwich found in PittsburghPennsylvania.It is composed of thick sliced Italian bread,meat or egg,cole-slaw,thick slice of tomato and french fries.
After the movie let out at Midnight,I took my date to get a Primanti steak sandwich.
by Dewey D. Cimal July 23, 2006
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The best fucking sandwich on the face of this world. Only made in Pittsburgh, the drunkest, highest, biggest party in the world.
Hey! Let's go eat a Primanti's, the best fucking sammich in the world, in this city! The best fucking CITY in the world.
by EvanzilcH May 16, 2006
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During the act of copulation from a rear position, the 'smacker' scoops cole slaw into one hand and french fries into the other. They then proceed to smack his/her partner on each cheek, ass or face depending on preference, while proclaiming "How's yinz like me now n'at bizznitch!"

In Cleveland this is performed with a Panini’s sandwich and referred to as a “Panini’s Smack”, while in all other cities it is performed with peanut butter and jelly and is referred to as "The Peanut Butter Smack".
"ya' know after we drank all 'em Iron City's ahnd left yinz at da bar, we stopped ta get a Primati samich. well ya' know once we goht ta doin' et i 'ad ta give 'er a 'Primanti Brothers Smack'."
by mg&nl January 22, 2010
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