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When one places an oily sandwich in anothers unworn jacket that is resting on a chair with the hopes that he will unknowingly put it on and walk away without realizing.
"Look at Baby Legs, that dude's got a sando in his pocket"
by C Dog April 16, 2004
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1) An exclamation- really good.
2) An exclamation- really bad.
3) A swear, or "bad" word.
James: Hatebreed is scre!
Cori: Nahhh, that shit is scre.
by C dog March 09, 2003
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1.When the semblance of a kneecap is lost do to fatness in the area.
2. A fat leg with no definition in which there is a continuous width from top to bottom.
Damn Dude, that bitch has shankles and a fat Ass. Call Jesse Cole, he's all over that.
by C Dog May 15, 2003
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