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Bronxville is a rich village about one square mile and is busy with rich kids who go to the amazing Bronxville School (one of the best schools in the couuntry). These kids also go to really expensive stores and pretty much can afford everything. Typical fashions of teenagers are abercrombie, american eagle outfitters, and juicy couture. For the boys it is also polo. For kids it is mostly Polo and Lily Pulitzer. Everyone has a juicy couture pencil case for school. The parents and adults of Bronxville are usually snobby and rich and live in huge mansions. Most houses are sold for 1-10 million a house and it is very hard to find anything lower than that price. A couple of movies have been shot in Bronxville.
upper east side of Westchester County is basically Bronxville
by Bville March 31, 2008
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