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A Generally All around good store.
Many people judge the girls and guys who wear it thinking they are imature, popular bitches.
This is NOT ALWAYS the case. I shop there sometimes when there are sales, and occasionaly treat my slef to a high quality, cute button up shirt or polo. But I don't waste my money on a plain tank I can get at Target.
I do agree it is annoying to see 5 girls wearing the same shirt as you though.
I don't like labeling, and it's a cute store. It's not way over priced like Abercrombie or it's brother, Fitch.
I'm just saying it's judged to much, because populars make fools of them selfves, and anyone who wears it.
If you like it, good for you! If you don't, what's it to you? you arn't wearing it...
Person 1: Omg! That shirt is so cute!
Person 2: Yeah! Thanks! I got it on a sale At A&E!
Person 1: Cool! I've been waiting for a sale to get a sweater Want to go this weekend together?
Person 2: Sure!
american eagle outfitters is a clothing store. and A bird. :)
Not a reason to hate someone.
by VictoryForTheDork January 30, 2008
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A place to get comfortable jeans.
Their shirts are ugly, unoriginal
and a cheaper way of advertisement
for the company. They have some cool
accessories. A little more creative than
hollister and abecrombie and fitch.
But, only creative if you make it that
way. Most who shop there are just out
to get a logo. They walk in to buy a polo
and track pants that MUST say american eagle
across the butt. These days originality is
gone, which is a shame because being original
is respected and any educated person would know
Girl 1 : Hang on, we have to go to american eagle outfitters and get some cool clothes for this weekend.

Girl 2 : hey heres a cool jacket !

Girl 1 : Yeahhh, but it doesnt say american eagle. I like this polo with the little eagle with these AWESOME pants that say american eagle ! ahh ! its so cute !

by gcbfan55 September 04, 2005
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A shitty clothing store run by racist white people. Don't believe me? Answer me this--have you ever seen a black or Latino guy working at an American Eagle Outfitters? I thought not.
Shop at American Eagle Outfitters and you're supporting communism.
by My name August 02, 2006
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