4 definitions by Buzz and woody

commander of 69 ratbots, has strong sense of Justice. Almost killed Doraemon
Vaibhav Ne bol bullying is art of living
Rattimmortal and kawai agrees
by Buzz and woody August 24, 2021
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Number one chutyai/simp/gandu
He thinks he rules in chat but in vc......
bhen ka taka
Sab mera sath bol raze bkl
But we (some peps) love him
:-) tomman
Kawaii was here,heheh
Raze_00 bkl
by Buzz and woody August 24, 2021
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Bhupati means King, Prince and Monarch in Sanskrit. Bhupati is divided into 2 words (bhu 'earth' + pati 'lord') and meaning of this name is master or protector of the Earth. As Lord Shiva and Ganesha both are Master, Protector of the Earth so they are also known as Bhupati.
He is bhupati of that area
by Buzz and woody July 13, 2021
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