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Someone from Iran (properly pronounced ee-ron, but pronounced by those from midwestern states as Eye-Ran... thus the derivative - Eyeranian).
by Buttceth November 8, 2012
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1) the result of wankin' it in the shower; the jizz runs down your hand, and gets stuck to your knuckles

2) a very unintelligent individual, or someone who happens to have said something stupid in the recent past
1) Goddammit! I hate when I come to class and still have cum knuckles... should've cleaned those bitches after jackin' it this morning
2) "I thought baseball was only seven innings." "Shut up, cum knuckles."
by Buttceth April 27, 2013
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the hair stuck to the inside of one's ass cheeks by residual shit after making an effort to wipe subsequent only to a dump of epic proportions
Jesus Christ, that was a nice shit! I hope it doesn't leave any matted asshair - I don't want shitstains in my undies.
by Buttceth November 7, 2012
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the stain, frequently found on the crotch of the underpants, resulting from semen that has stuck to the pubes
I've been fucking too much recently as evidenced by the pubestains in my undies.
by Buttceth November 7, 2012
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