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A simple game, which can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Despite protests by feminist groups, this game has yet to accept women players.

Step 1 - select who plays first. This is critical to the success of the game, as first-mover advantage is key. Any method which both players agree on can be used, eg coin toss.

Step 2. Player one kicks player two as hard as possible in the nuts.

Step 3. Player two, if able, kicks player one as hard as possible in the nuts.

Game ends.
"Do you fancy a game of Ro Sham Bo this evening? Giles is coming round and he is quite proficient."
by Butchos December 27, 2008

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A person who struggles with the use of modern equipment. Usually parents.
OMG my dad was completely unable to plug in the DVD player. He's such a technospastic.
by Butchos January 06, 2009

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