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SuAP is an acroynm for Super Attack Pea on the Neopets site. It is used as a Battledome item and is fond for the rare avatar. It costs about 360,000,000nps.
1: I want to be lent SuAP. Do you have one?
2: Yes, 360m collat please.
1: How 'bout you lend for free? =)
2: How about no.
by Burning November 11, 2006
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ZDAP is an acroynm for Zafara Double Agent Plushie. It is found in the Neopets site and used to obtain the Zafara Double Agent avatar. A Zafara Double Agent Plushie costs about 2,000,000nps.
1: How much do you want for your ZDAP?
2: 2mil
1: How about 500nps?
2: I hope you fall on your freaking face.
by Burning November 05, 2006
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FQD is an acroynm for Faerie Queen Doll on the Neopets site. It is an item that is found in the Hidden Tower and is used to obtain the Faerie Queen Doll avatar. Approximately, the FQD is worth 1,600,000nps.
1: How much is your FQD?
2: 1.6mil.
1: How about 2nps?
2: No thanks. How about you die?
by Burning November 05, 2006
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