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Well, we can all be guilty of procrastinating when it comes to tasks of difficulty or importance.
But this little double whammy really takes the cake. It is for that person who prides themselves
on "really" putting things off, if you know what I mean!! The severely lazy and constipated person who
not only "can't" shit but absolutely refuses to do anything about it..They can usually be spotted by their
somewhat brownish/green complexion and more often than not thrive in the non-productivity of his/her bowel actions.

The eternal procrastination of constipation.
Leeroy was suffering from severe procrastipation.

Brian was procrastipated to the point of madness.
by Burgerboy March 05, 2007

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The Bush Onion is a close relative of the Dirty Sanchez. Where a man takes a woman from behind and just before ejaculation, sticks his finger in the woman's ass, only to pull it out and wipe a nice little pooh-stache on the woman's upper lip. Now, the Bush Onion ramps this little puppy up a notch. The man performs the above act but holds the finger under the woman's nose until she cries. Here enters the Bush Onion.
Marty Bush Onioned the young lass.
by Burgerboy December 02, 2007

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