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A place that sells used clothing (and other items) for dirt cheap. Contrary to popular belief, thrift stores are not necessarily nasty or strictly for poor people. (Although some do smell like basement.) Yes, there's a lot of junk there, but you can find something nice if you look hard enough.
My preppy friends think it's weird that I like thrift stores. I just enjoy "treasure hunting" through the racks, and when I find a great deal on a cute piece of clothing, I feel like I've made a discovery. Besides, I don't want to spend more than I have to.
by Bunquita March 28, 2011

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The aging, pedophile neighbor of the Griffin family on Family Guy who creeps on teenage boys. He speaks in a high-pitched voice and whistles his S's. The other characters, for whatever reason, are usually not suspicious of him.
Mr. Herbert- Excuse me, I'm looking for a car that's been tricked out to look like an ice cream truck.

Brian- Dammit... I'm, I'm sorry, what?

Mr. Herbert- You know, with colorful pictures of ice cream treats. And it plays a tune that's fun for the young children? Da da da duh, da duh, da duh, da da duh da da duh, da duh... duh. Mmmmmmm.
by Bunquita February 10, 2011

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1) An old-fashioned female given name, feminine form of Henry.

2) A town in western New York State that has every sort of big-box store and chain restaurant you could think of. Basically the consumerism capital of Monroe County, good if you want to get shopping done, bad if you hate traffic.
Henrietta has a Rite-Aid, a CVS, and a Walgreen's all at the same intersection.
by Bunquita February 25, 2011

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A grocery store chain founded in Rochester, New York in the early 20th century, and now found across the northeastern United States. Still mainly concentrated in the Rochester area. The best grocery store in existence. Unlike Tops or Wal-Mart, really makes you feel at home. Also sells amazing sub sandwiches.
What do you say we go to Wegmans later and get some subs?
by Bunquita December 05, 2010

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A wealthy suburb of Rochester, New York. Known for its quaint village along the Erie Canal with cute little shops and a combination library/Bruegger's Bagels. The school system is also excellent. There are two high schools: Mendon in the South and Sutherland in the North. Pittsford kids are mostly preppies who shop at upscale stores like Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch. Pittsford adults are usually successful businessmen or doctors. Pittsford also has many so-called modern day hippies--people who eat organic, practice yoga, and drive hybrid cars. Pittsfordians can be snooty, so watch out.
I got a B on a math test and I'm upset about it. I'm such a Pittsford kid.
by Bunquita December 05, 2010

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