2 definitions by Buck33wheat

Someone who makes up pointless words or phrases and submit them to the Urban Dictionary. They have never been used in real life and never will because they are too stupid.
Joe: He has no life. He has nothing better to do than make up stupid words and send them to the Urban Dictionary.

Bob: Urban dick.

Joe: Total urban dick.
by Buck33wheat January 1, 2010
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"Do me a favor" means "no", with an attitude. Similar in meaning to the outdated phrase, "talk to the hand". When one person asks another person to do something undesirable, the response may be, "do me a favor". No specific favor is given, but the recipient is free to imagine one (go jump in the lake, etc.).
Wife: "Honey, can you take out the trash?"

Husband: "Do me a favor."
by Buck33wheat September 3, 2009
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