"Go jump in the lake" is specifically referring to the biblical "lake of fire and brimstone" from Revelation 19:20.
It's a polite way of saying Go to Hell, especially in the Bible Belt of the American South.
If the boss thinks I'm going to be working overtime on a holiday weekend, he can go jump in the lake.
by Magnolia the Cat July 1, 2017
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A term used especially in Minnesota (go figure) that mean "fuck off" or "shut up." Used by grandmas who have anger issues but are to civilized to swear.
Kid: Hey, hey, pay attention to me, feed me, I want money!
Jodi: Go jump in a lake you little twerp! *takes a swig of gin*
by nanodesu1234 February 21, 2017
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Oh look Johnny is here again "hey Johnny I thought I told you to go jump in a lake."
by yimmys85 September 28, 2015
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A term used to say to a person that they need to mind their own business. Its like saying hey go mind your own business loser or something like that.

In the example it shows how he said it ( the creater of the term.
Cody:dam it!
Jermy hey man whats up
Cody: Mrs Mathis help me god! *laughs*
Jermy:nananana whatever *gets hit* hey!
Cody:get away from me
Cody: go jump into a lake
Class:00000000 you got pwned!
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