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A piece of jewelry, typically a ring, that is purchased for a girlfriend in an effort to make her happy after you have made her angry.
A: Wow, your girlfriend is pretty pissed that you were out all night and didn't call her. What are you going to do?
B: Yeah, you're right, she's pretty mad. I might have to buy her an 'enragement ring' to smooth things over.
by Bryan Gilbreath September 08, 2009

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A phrase that refers to a liquor store, or an area of town known as a good place to score drugs.
Man, I just finished my bottle of Wild Turkey. Better get down to the Stupor Market before it closes.
by Bryan Gilbreath September 18, 2008

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When someone takes a small issue and nags about it as if it's a larger issue than it really is.
A: Why don't you bury those bodies deeper so it doesn't stink up our crawlspace so much!?

B: Sheesh, have you ever tried digging under a house before? How about you shutting your yap and not 'nagnify' the situation!
by Bryan Gilbreath October 01, 2009

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'Force of Hobbit' is similar to 'force of habit' which is when someone instinctively does something without thinking about it. In the case of 'Force of Hobbit' a geek or nerd or dork instinctively relates real world experiences to things like 'The Hobbit','Battlestar Galactica','Star Wars','Star Trek' or any 'reality' show that they wasted life force watching.
Me: Good Morning Dale.

Dale: Actually, it's not morning on the third moon of Vulcan.

Me: You just can't help being an idiot can you? I guess it's just force of hobbit.
by Bryan Gilbreath January 17, 2008

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Any motorcycle, besides a Harley Davidson, that comes out with a retro design reminiscent of Harley Davidson.
Hey, did you see that cool Harley that Chip just pulled in on?
Nah dude. He just wants the ladies to think it's a Harley. That's not a Harley, it's a Honda Davidson. One easy way you can tell is the price tag is about one fourth and the reliability is about 500 percent.
by Bryan Gilbreath September 18, 2007

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A person who believes that they are being unique by doing the same thing that everyone else is doing.The irony is that EVERYONE else is doing the same mindless crap, so they are definitely NOT unique. Those people are called undividuals.
Look at Jimmy over there getting a 'tribal' arm band tattoo, putting a Harley Davidson sticker on his Escalade running chrome spinnin 24's while wearing his West Coast Chopper T-shirt, side turned baseball cap, baggy pants and ape hanging his arm out the window, gangsta style, while he's driving. Boy, he sure looks like one bad ass customer! No dude, check out the guy across the street on his Honda Davidson, he's exactly the same! They sure are undividuals!
by Bryan Gilbreath September 18, 2007

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Hesitation one may experience before slapping someone such as a loved one or employer.
A: Dude! That was so cool when you backhanded the boss! Too bad you lost your job.

B: Thanks! At first I was a bit 'slaprehensive'. But then I remembered what an ass he is. It was totally worth it!
by Bryan Gilbreath September 23, 2009

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