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I Find That Slightly Amusing

Used instead of lol, lmao and rofl. It is a more accurate way to describe the feeling you get when someone says something amusing in an instant message or text, but it doesn't actually make you laugh out loud, laugh your ass off, or roll on the floor laughing.
AIM conversation:

Person A- "So guess what happened today?"

Person D- "What?"

Person A- "I forgot to do my homework, haha"

Person D-"IFTSA"
by Brostar March 2, 2010
As sung by Journey. The most motivational and epic song ever written. It is commonly sang by men in a bromance. It is a unifying force that brought three starcrossed bros into an everlasting bromance. This song is all that is american and amazing. It makes you cry, sweat and bleed at the same time. It unites all nations and will end all wars.
Don't Stop Believing comes on.

Guy 1- "Gather the people, its our song!"
The whole fucking world- "Just a small town girl...!"
by Brostar December 3, 2009