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The Surfside 7 describes the female population inhabiting the bar of the same name in Fort Collins, CO. Well known for its pizza, pervading urine smell and hideous girls, Surfside 7 is the bar of choice for angry lesbians, twiggy hipsters and aging punk rockers.

The Surfside 7 refers to the 1-10 attractiveness numbering system (where 1 = there-is-no-god ugliness and 10 = boner-inspiring perfect beauty), and can be summed up by the phrase, "Anywhere else she's a 4, but at Surfside, she's a 7."

The "7" can be replaced by other numbers as appropriate. For example, a decent looking girl (7 in daily life) would be a Surfside 10.
Patrick got too drunk and banged a Surfside 7.
by Bronan the Barbarian! December 22, 2010
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Found in clubs, bars and gyms nationwide, the Afflictionado is characterized by fist pumping, general douchiness and a preference for mixed martial arts clothing brands. The afflictionado can be easily spotted by the reflective gold foil, gothic imagery and other toughguy-ish bullshit on their clothing.
That afflictionado's spray tan is the same color as a New Jersey school bus.
by Bronan the Barbarian! December 26, 2010
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The oblivious, zombielike walk characteristic of the public iPod user. The iPlod Shuffle is often observable in areas such as gyms, shopping malls and college campuses. Shufflers are distinguishable by vacant stares, open-mouthed breathing patterns and a tendency to consistently get in the way of timely transit.
There were so many iPlod Shuffles downtown today, it was like fucking Resident Evil.
by Bronan the Barbarian! December 26, 2010
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