A person who despises or hates a specific class of a person
A hate B because B is middle class

A: Can you get something nicer, also, what car do you have?
B: No, my salary can't afford it, I don't have a car
A: Just get more money then
B: But I can't
A: You see, these people think they're so good because they're 'middle class', well suck to them, 'middle class' is at the middle, I in fact am a 'Upper class' that means you hooligans stealing our money are under us, you have to listen to ME, not your boss, I can buy the company, shut it down, fire everyone if I like, because I control you, your money.
B: Dude chill, don't be classist.
by British Paciic June 11, 2020
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A person who holds hate towards a specific class in a video game.
That classist hates the melee class because of their low attack range, even though they have high strength.
That classist doesn't let the mage class join his parties.
by Cimchom June 20, 2011
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When a rich person wants to degrade a poor person, but be passive aggressive at the same time.
Margaret used classist undertones to let her servant know just where that bitch belongs
by steelimus June 4, 2016
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