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the incestual phenonmenon of one man being both the uncle and daddy to a child; i.e., a man impregnates his sister and is thus, the uncledaddy to the resulting child.
Lila Mae gave her sweet uncledaddy a hummer, while basking beneath the sensual glow of the bug zapper in the backyard.
by Brian Wilson May 18, 2004
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When some bastard in the throes of bestiality trains a horse, mule, or any livestock animal into not walking away from a tree stump whenever he, ahem... "assumes the postion"...

if said bastard gets his freak on with said beast of "burden", and the animal has not tried to run off, it's stumpbroke.
"That skank-ass hoochiemama is just like a stumpbroke goat, she's spent her whole life backin up to somethin doggystyle"
by Brian Wilson May 09, 2005
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Really Into Touching Oneself
Ratio of Men to Woman 1:12000; A Man has to resort to masturbation.
Guys, Bob is really into r.i.t. this semester.
by Brian Wilson February 04, 2004
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