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Someone who belives in the current understanding medical side this often comes with a necessity of medical transitioning and or social transitioning however niether of these are guaranteed and depend on whether they fall more truscum or tucute side of coin
Person 1: Where do you stand on trans people and the necessity of dysphoria

Person 2: I am a transmedicalist

Person 1: What's that
Person 2: It means that I belive in the current medical understanding of trans people
by Bread_Queen May 22, 2020
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The state of being completely isolated from a situation place or time (often permanent)
Person 1: Hey why aren't you talking to Jeremy

Person 2: He messed up bad now he's in despondos

Person 1: Ohh good to know I'll steer clear
by Bread_Queen January 28, 2020
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A highly socially or romantically inept lesbian
Friend: You do know that they like you right?
You: But im so awkward!
Freind: My god you are such a Useless Lesbian
by Bread_Queen June 6, 2019
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