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2 definitions by Brainstorm

egg shyyt sneeze When some one sneezes and it sounds like they said, "egg-shyyt" instead of ah-choo
egg shyyt sneeze Ah, ah ah ...Egg-Shyyt!! ...

by Brainstorm June 12, 2015
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A small amount of semen released a short time after one masturbates.

One masturbates and goes about his business. Then a few minutes (roughly 5-15) later a small drop of batch drips out of the relaxing penis. A nuisance because it dampens the boxers/briefs.
John: "Ahh F!"
Pete: "What?"
John: "I just got some afterjack in my drawers."
Pete: "Hate it when that happens."
by Brainstorm April 6, 2009
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