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/ˈhæpənˌstæns/ Show Spelled Pronunciation hap-uhn-stans

the standing position one is in when happening, or ejaculating.

(one's happenstance is usually unique to oneself)

See happen.
Alex: "So bromeo, how'd last night go?"
Christian: "Well, I happened upon this girl, right?"
Alex: "Right."
Christian: "But this was no simple happenstance. I had my hands on my hips and my pelvis thrusted forward like I had conquered the huns."
Alex: "I'm so proud..."
by Brahmastra October 20, 2009
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/ˈhæpən/ Show Spelled Pronunciation hap-uhn
–verb (used without object)

to ejaculate; to cum;jizz.
Jordan: "I was taking a stroll in the park when I happened upon this girl."
Chris: "You win."

In exclamation:
Tyler: "That just happened!"
by Brahmastra October 20, 2009
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