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Coventry High School of Coventry Rhode Island.... Where to begin where to begin...
First off, if your mommy and daddy aren't local teachers, police or any other town employee and life time Coventry residents you're fucked. Don't expect playing time in sports, no matter how good you are, extra help from teachers or anything else for that matter.
Also, Coventry High School is home to upper-middle class jackasses who think they own the ground you walk on. This, is all because they live in the MAGICAL UTOPIA "WOOD ESTATES" which is nothing more than overpriced raised ranches on the mud hole that is Johnson's Pond. These people all walk around feeling that mommy and daddy will provide... becasue they do and these kids have 0 independence.

Third, the building was designed by a retard.... FLAT ROOF IN NEW ENGLAND?! Are you kidding me?
Lastly, these kids are all miserable little brats. They sit around and act like HARD CORE G's. Also, they love to break your balls until you're pretty pissed and then when shit gets intesnse, back off and act like they were just fucking around.
by BossMan March 20, 2012
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A low life male with the lowest of confidence in the male kingom. His confidence is so low that he's able to become the bitch of a beta male.
Jones is such a pussy, he will kiss ass to get anything he wants. Thats a real bitches bitch.
by BossMan March 09, 2015
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You can't have that pimp'sello, he's mine!
by BossMan January 19, 2004
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