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Home of the vaunted Cornell Men's Hockey team. Famous for its raucous environment and diehard fans. See Lynah Faithful
Where all other hockey teams go to lose
by Boot February 22, 2005
if you can balance a tray on it, you got ghetto booty.
Oh my, there is a tray balanced on my booty. I must have a ... ghetto booty!
by Boot March 14, 2004
someone who exercises far too much, to the point of obsession, or coupled with an eating disorder.
She can't not exercise, she has to go to the gym everyday, she's so exorexic
by Boot February 19, 2004
See frobished for more info.
I will frobish you, before you can frobish me!
by Boot March 10, 2005
a big fag who enjoys wacking it and thinking about his friends' parents.
by Boot October 29, 2003