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Antho, nickname of Anthony.
He is a very carring and loving person. He will always care for the people he loves and will always try to make them all smile. He is really THAT friend that everyone should have. He will cheer you up no matter what and will always hopes the best for you.
He can be a cutie pie, and make you want to hug him and take care of him your entire life.
He is also really smart and make the most of it to help you but also to tease you because he loves bullying his closest friends (just like snakes does), it makes him laugh. That’s why he can also be a devil.
He is usually a bit shy with people he is don’t close with and won’t care about them a lot. But once he knows you he will spam you each days with the things he loves the most (which are interesting fortunately). He will even make you fall in love with the things he is found of.
With him you cannot be bored a single day. You will make great, fun and precious memories that will encourage you to keep fighting with life.
-Is Antho a snake ?
-Yes he is ! But a cute one !
by Boombibimbap February 26, 2018
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The most powerful friendship on earth. They care a lot for each others even thought they don’t say it often. They are different in many ways but still have common points that makes them that strong. Like the Ying and the Yan, like chocolate and vanilla, like foot and shoes, they can’t be separate for a too long time. If you know them, you love them. If you don’t know them, you miss them.
by Boombibimbap February 26, 2018
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