A dangerous deep space phenomenon believed to be the result of the gravity of a collapsing star folding in on itself, condensed into a single point (about the size of a pin head) called a singularity.

Evidence was recently found for such an entity of space-time - which was proceeded to be memed to shit by Reddit. Predicted to have a shelf life of maybe a few weeks at the most.
"16 Hilarious Memes/Reactions To The First-Ever Black Hole Image" -- Buzzfeed
by Mickey_G_ April 13, 2019
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Some crazy ass outerspace shit that will completely fuck you up if you go near it.
Yo, jimmy went to chill wit that black hole, and he got fucked up!!!
by RAVEMASTER EG June 9, 2009
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A black hole is a point of infinitely dense space with such a high density that no matter or energy may escape. It is formed when a supermassive star supernovaes. It has enough gravity, however, that it will collapse inward on itself. Normally, when this happens, the Palaui Force cannot resist gravity's push (this means that electrons orbiting a nucleus of an atom are pushed inward to the nucleus), and forms neutronium (a superdense form of matter made of only neutrons). Normally, this dense ball of matter forms a neutron star, but in extreme cases, the ball of matter is so dense that it collapses inward on itself. Nothing can stop this collapse once it has started, and it will not end until the matter reaches a point of 0 dimensions (0 feet high, wide, and deep). This forms the singularity of the black hole. There is also a "point of no return", or the event horizon. Once you have crossed this sphere circling the black hole, you will be ripped apart atom by atom, and strung out to an infinite length (called spaghettification). This process will take an infinite amount of time, and nothing will ever get you out. There are also two different types of singularities (that we know about). There are stationary and spinning. In a stationary singularity, the singularity is a single point where the curvature becomes infinite. However, in a spinning singularity, said singularity becomes 2 dimensional, stretching in both space & longitude (this drags space-time surrounding the event horizon, something known as frame dragging). This spinning space-time surrounding the event horizon is known as an ergosphere, which is shaped like an ellipsoid (this is an ellipse, but in 3 dimensions (think about how pluto doesn't orbit the sun right, and you have the idea, represented by the formula {x^2\a^2}+{y^2\b^2}+{z^2\c^2}=1).) This presents a great opportunity for space flight, as a ship grazing the surface of the ergosphere could be launched off at reletavistic speeds. The singularity is most likely a ring shape, instead of a dimensionless sphere. If you fell into a spinning black hole, it is possible you would not spaghettify. If you fell through the inner horizon (the ring singularity) perfectly distanced from all points on the ring, you might make it.
Now, you figure that matter has to go somewhere, and it (theoretically) is ejected at a white hole. A white hole is described as "a postulated celestial body that is the time reversal of a black hole. While a black hole acts as a point mass that attracts and absorbs any nearby matter, a white hole acts as a point mass that repels or (perhaps) even ejects matter." Now, there is no proof of white holes, and it is doubtful you could pass through one (see wormhole, because of a paper published in 1962 by John A. Wheeler and Robert W. Fuller proving that Schwarzschild wormholes are disconnected instantaneously after they are formed, not allowing even light to pass through). I've said waaaaay too much, so I'm going to shut up now. Have a nice day.
Ugh. If you want to see an example, hop on a ship traveling at light speed, wait 3000 years, then jump out. La dee frickin da. Here's the word black hole.
by George Badabinski February 4, 2007
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A ridiculously hairy asshole, so dark it gives the appearance of a black hole.
Alex just showed me his black hole.
by DeerQueef September 11, 2009
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Simular to a black eye its when you punch someone in the butthole creating a bruised eye like effect (hematoma on b hole)
My black hole hurts super bad when I sit down.
by Deadly mouse October 10, 2020
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Your stomach after the act of smoking marijuana, when it cannot be filled and it forces you to continually consume food.
After we smoked, Abdullah ate an entire box of hamburger helper and ordered a large pizza because he couldn't fill his black hole.
by Zabdullah January 28, 2012
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