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A sour yellow fruit created in labs by the Soviet Union propaganda machine to lure lemonaide lovers from their all-american hobbies to join their spy forces and take over the world with ninja-pirates.
USSR Guy: Come here you all-american boy. Have these lemons!

All-American Boy: Why thank you fine sir. *eats* DOWN WITH THE WEST!!!

USSR Guy: *evil laughter*
by Bologurson October 15, 2006
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Puffy hair made by African tribes in the late 1800's to hide primative missles.
Guy: We declare war on you African person

African: Oh Really? *missle launches from afro*
by Bologurson October 19, 2006
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Completely misdefined by all you liberals. The economy has been getting better since George Bush got into the White House. He went to a war which was needed. It's not for oil. That's what all the liberals want you to think so you won't support our president. The war was to LIBERATE the Iraq citizens from a paranoid dictator who lit firecrackers up people's butts because they might have said "kill" and "Saddam" in the same day. He's a great president who has kept the country's best interests in mind even though american citizens like you don't give a rat's ass about him.
Liberal: George w. Bush is horrible.
Me: NO! You're horrible for believing everything the democrats/liberals say about the president.
by Bologurson October 15, 2006
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