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When a person empowers the qualities of such supreme attractiveness that simple thinking of them for just a moment causes your loins to tingle and burn.
This one particular gentleman I know is so masterbatable that thinking about him in any way makes my mind and my pantys a mess.
by Bogus24 August 26, 2017
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An individual that will put any kind of drug through their system.
Rob: I'm seeing this new broad, I think she's going to be good for me. Does t smoke, no drugs and a light drinker

John: oh yeah.....does she know you're a Lab Rat??
by Bogus24 November 13, 2017
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A person that designs, builds, constructs, maintains the works of circumstance in which one finds oneself or a state of affairs.
Even after realizing my most valuable asset I was still not aware of the infinite possibility of gain until I met a Situational Engineer that managed its movement and offered 'sound' advice.

I thought I knew what wealthy was, now I know.
by Bogus24 April 10, 2018
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Derived from the type of girls found through cyber arrangement that for some reason allude the moral conscience of being concindered a prodtitute because they spend the night and cuddle.
John: What did you do last night?
Rob: Found a girl on the internet that I paid to come spend the night.
John: You got a prostitute?!?
Rob: No, she wasn't a prostitute, she spent the night.
John: You fuck her?
Rob: Yes.
John: You pay her?
Rob: Yes.
John: (Gasps!)

Rob: what's that about??
John: Girlfriends Arranged Seeking Payment even if they cuddle are still on the clock.

Rob: (Gasps)... holy shit, you're right. I got a prostitute last night!
John: We all need a good 'GASP' once in a while.
by Bogus24 November 13, 2017
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