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A ghetto hood located in southwest Houston. Area is home to many good weed spots. Although the street named "Fondren" runs from Westheimer to Fort Bend County, only the part from Braes bayou to Missouri City is actualy considered the hood. The intersection of Fondren and West Belfort represents the heart of the area.

The apartments along West Belfort and West Airport between Gessner and Hilcroft are often considered a part of the Fondren area. The area is bracketed by Sharpstown to the north, Missouri City (Mo city) to the south and west, and Westbury to the east. Fondren is often considered a part of Westbury, since the area feeds into Westbury High School.

There is an above average population of Africans and Jamicans in the area. Caucasians are an extremely rare sight and are only seen getting the shit beat out of them, having their vehicles stolen, and/or being forcefully sodomized.
My man be gettin his weed from this nigga in Fondren.
It's always bitches walkin around Fondren.
by Bogga Red March 27, 2007

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Nike Cortez shoes.

Gansta Nikes (pronounced like "bikes" instead of the normal pronounciation for Nikes) came in a variety of colors each denoting a particular gang affiliation. Red for bloods, blue for crips, black for black disciples, etc.

After a while they became common attire among the general thug population and started being called dopemans.
Pablo gone get shot up wearing them gangsta nikes around here.
by Bogga Red April 02, 2007

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When you have to take a dump so bad you can feel the turd start to peep out of your ass. Derived from the ground hog peeping out of the ground to see his shadow.
Dude you better pull over at the next gas station im ground hoggin!!!!
by Bogga Red April 05, 2007

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Gulfton is a section of western Houston, Texas.

Gulfton, a 3.2 square mile group of apartment complexes, is located outside of the 610 Loop and inside Beltway 8, west of the city of Bellaire, east and south of the southwest freeway, and north of Bellaire Boulevard.

Gulfton has a mostly Hispanic and immigrant population.

The apartments that make up Gulfton were built during the Oil Boom of the 1970s, when the population was wealthy and predominantly white. After the oil bust in the mid 1980s, much of the wealthy population then left the area, and was replaced by Latin American immigrants. Crime increased in the area, so the neighborhood became known as the Gulfton Ghetto.

I know this chick in Gulfton that'll let the whole crew hit it.
My boy been jacked 3 time for his rims in Gulfton.
by Bogga Red March 26, 2007

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(noun)- Any county jail in America. Most often used in the south. Sometimes confused with city jails.
My dog just got out the county last week.
I got a connect from this dude I met in the county.
by Bogga Red March 26, 2007

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The first hit of crack a crack head takes. This paritcular hit is usually credited with getting them hooked and thus ruining their lives.
Person 1: Why John be buggin out all the time nowadays?
Person 2: Cause he hit that plymouth rock.
by Bogga Red April 03, 2007

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2 Live Stews is a nationally-syndicated sports talk radio show hosted by Doug and Ryan Stewart; the show originates from WQXI in Atlanta, Georgia and is often refered to as "The crunkest sports talk show on earth."

Their nicknames include The Hennessy Brothers, The Crunk Brothers, The Reebok Brothers, The Heineken Brothers, The Heavy Chevy Brothers, The SI (Sports Illustrated) Brothers, and recently The ESPN2 Brothers. They are the "Low Country's Finest"; hailing from Moncks Corner, South Carolina. The show is produced by Shaggy, a.k.a, "Samson the Pusher" (for his apparent resemblance to a stoner)a.k.a The White guy behind the glass, a.k.a The Blame Shifter, a.k.a,The Credit taker, and entertainment news is provided by the lovely Ms. Mary The Sports Diva.

In October 2005, after months of negotiations, the Stews announced a deal with Radio One and Reach Media to nationally syndicate their show. Currently, the Stews can be heard in over 20 cities including Denver, Boston, Detroit, Miami, and St. Louis.
Im down with the 2 live stews my nigga!!!
by Bogga Red April 03, 2007

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