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A beach-front town that's way better than Myrtle Beach. Ask any Ohio resident and they'll tell you Hilton Head is the best summer resort town. However, Hilton Head is considered by some to be too snobby or too touristy (especially on the South end). Few people in Hilton Head speak with a Southern accent. Hilton Head's beaches are very clean and surrounded by woods and wildlife. There are also many private beaches and some great local places, like Planet Smoothie and The Diner.

There's not much else to do there besides the beach, pool, and nature areas, unless you want to do some shopping around town or in nearby Bluffton. And don't be surprised by the plantations when you visit; they're just gated communities, and many residents live in them.
"Oh, you're visiting Hilton Head? You must be from Ohio."
If you live near a private beach, you're probably on Hilton Head Island.
If you live on a plantation and it's not the 1800s, you're probably on Hilton Head Island.
by an island native March 03, 2011
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