6 definitions by Boff Booferman

a slut-whore. A slore fucks anyone for free for no personal gain whatsoever. Different than a slut, because a slut just likes to fuck a lot, there is still a chance that a slut won't fuck you. Different than a whore, because a whore will only fuck you if you give her something that she wants, like money
John: look at that chick, what a slut
Frank: No, actually she is slore
by Boff Booferman April 19, 2007
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Logan: dude I went down on that chick with the moose nuckle the other night, she has a fat clit
Trash: oh shit, you mean she has a flit
by Boff Booferman July 30, 2018
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definition 1: (noun) A maximum cycle of getting drunk, hungover, drinking again, and so on.

definition 2: (noun) A day in which you are drunk the maximize number of hours possible.

definition 3: (noun) A day in which you get drunk in the morning, hungover by noon, sleep it off by the afternoon, drunk again around dinner time, sleep that hangover off by midnight and start drinking again.
Dude1: Man, I pulled a maxcy yesterday!

Dude 2: wasn't yesterday Tuesday? Didn't you have to work?
by Boff Booferman May 01, 2021
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K-P-C-O-F-G-S, Kings puff chronic of fat green sense, thats how we remember the classification of life in Humboldt County
by Boff Booferman September 08, 2008
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pretty self explanatory actually, but if you need some more help, a maggot infested cumsicle is the nastiest of nasty sluts in existance.
Betty: god, I hate that bitch
Sally: I know, she is a maggot infested cumsicle
by Boff Booferman April 19, 2007
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Whippshit (verb): To take a whippet while taking a shit
Dude walks into the bathroom, closes the door, yells,"time for whippshit"
by Boff Booferman May 22, 2021
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