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1.A synonym for a real word, created either by mistake or on purpose, that doesn't exist in the English language. While bastardizing the English language, the words created sound like they could be in fact real words, but cannot be found, unless created.

2. Words being changed by type, such as nouns into verbs, and nouns into adjectives, and vice-versa. Can also be know as nouning.
Thesauratical Rerepresentation
1. The hidiousy (amount of hidious) of that girl made doing her impossible.

2. "Packing that moving van was hard, but I managed to 'Tetris' everything into it."
by BobtheHuman July 06, 2012
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The act, or personality trait, of being good at the art of calligraphy.
Phil is just so damned calligraful.
by BobtheHuman July 06, 2012
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