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A drink that is equal parts banana and strawberry blended with half a liter of canadian whiskey.
American Dream created in So Nev
by Bobby747 November 13, 2008

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A person who, under their own volition, couch surfs, sleeps on buses and in parks, has poor hygiene, and is often drunk and under the influence of several drugs or household substances for days at a time. They have no concern of success, and are resourceful when pushed hard to accomplish a goal, which is more often than not to score, in either the drug or sexual reference.
The term is not interchangable with homeless, as most street freaks have a place to live if they choose.
It is more akin to urban anarchist, although there is no desire in a street freak to fight for any cause.
Street freak (s) only need coffee, cigarettes, and large quantities of drugs. The rest is circumstantial.
by Bobby747 November 13, 2008

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American Rock and Roll band from about 2003 till 2005. Former "Last Name Heroes", "Our Last Hope", and short lived trio "Caulfield Killed Kennedy". Most popular during the rise of Pop-Punk, the era of Emo, and the rise of mainstream Hardcore and the modern indie scene. Strongly influenced by Taking Back Sunday, Alkaline Trio, classic rock, and Wilco. One studio recording containing 4 songs and a couple of collections of live, demo, and practice cds and tapes are in limited, in-the-know circulation.
This Dying Cause was:
Lauren- drums
Joni- Guitar
Guy- Bass
Randy- vocals/guitar
Bobby- vocals/guitar
(Band as of Demo recording)
Prior members-
Eric- drums
Zak- guitar
Jeff- drums
Subsequent members-
Brandon- bass/vocals
Internal conflict brought the band to cycle through members quickly, and eventually drove members apart.
The band plans a reunion in summer 2037, to celebrate its next scheduled release for We Make Records. In the mean time, several small and solo projects have emerged, Laurens being the most successful (Ministry of Love). Only Bobby and Randy continue to live close enough to gig and record, and much of it is available under the name 747. Heroin(e) is the only song so far to have seen reproduction. It is available on Possession is Theft, a collected work of Guy and Bobby from 2007.
There is no word on the whereabouts of several former members, and are probably dead, or in college.
This Dying Cause for Life!!!
by Bobby747 November 14, 2008

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