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A substitute method of keeping threaded fasteners from becoming loosened due to vibration, stress, etc. Instead of using conventional liquid {loctite}, one simply assembles the fastener using dissimilar thread combinations, i.e., a coarse thread on on a fine thread bolt.
Alternatively, if the threads match, grind or hammer the threads of the bolt slightly to induce the crossthreading principle.
We didn't want the helicopter rotor to loosen unexpectedly, so we assembled it with Mexican loctite.
by BobONtheKnob October 23, 2006
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A derogatory term used to denote one's diminished mental capacity, i.e., comparing the size of the brain to a clit.
Whenever I smoke some couchlock weed, I get a severe case of clit brain.

I had to spend 10 minutes trying to get this clit brained customer service rep to understand my simple problem. Actually, during the 10 minutes I rolled and smoked a killer joint, so maybe it partly my fault.
by BobONtheKnob October 21, 2006
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