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A black man who grows pirate-like hair that resembles that of a clown.
Tyrone, why did you let your hair grow so long? Forget Bozo, you look like "nigger the clown." The Barnum and Nigger circus might kidnap you now.
by Bob Savage February 15, 2008

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This occurs when a low value, wuss of a guy has traded his testicles and anything else of value for the mere idea that a particular woman would sleep with him.
Michael packaged his ballsack and sent it UPS ground shipping to "Pussy Whipped USA" along with a contract that stipulates he is not to leave a 1 mile radius of his girlfriend. Included in the transaction was $500 in cash (a signing bonus) and a new Mustang convertible.
by Bob Savage February 14, 2008

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people who haven't read the Bible
We're gays for Jesus
What about Sodom and Gamorrah
What's that
by Bob Savage March 01, 2007

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