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Exactly the same as the Christian God, except Jewish.
Boi1: Ayo you hear about Jewish God's 13th birthday?
Boi2: I think you mean Jewish God's bar mitzvah.
Boi1: Whaaaaat!?
Boi2: Yea, Jewish God is exactly the same as Christian God, except significantly more Jewish.
by Blumpkin_Huricanrana June 9, 2016
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A word that can be used in any way possible. It's a word that doesn't mean anything, but means everything. It's a word that is "defined" by its contextual clues.
Boi1: Aye you poonkin?
Boi2: Aaayyyooo, poonker you tellin' me that i'm going to poonking poonk?
Boi1: Nah not poonk, but poonk.
Boi3: Aye, my poonk-masters what's poonkin'?
Boi1: eh, poonk.
Boi2: yea, poonk.
by Blumpkin_Huricanrana June 9, 2016
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