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Example 1

male boss: I've been hearing about inappropriate rumors about my wife with you as the leader.
guy: So?
male boss: (angrily says), I can have you fired for this!
guy: I'm sorry sir.

male boss: (sighs): It's okay.

Example 2:

male cop: Sir, are you aware that you were speeding?
guy: (confused) Wha?
male cop: Sir, I can smell alcohol in your breath.
guy: (starts) Wait, there is a reasonable expla-
male cop: Sir, you're coming with me.
guy: (quickly says) I'm sorry sir.
male cop: It's okay, just don't do that again.

Example 3:

woman accidentally walks into guy.
woman: I'm sorry.
guy: Hey, watch it!
woman: look, I've already said I'm sorry!
guy: Take a hike!
woman: (cracks knuckles and approaches him): Excuse me?
guy: (looks down, faking to be ashamed) I'm sorry sir.
guy: (runs away)
by Blueplayer90 November 17, 2011
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