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The worship of Justin Bieber as a god, as practiced by teenage and pre-teen girls called Beliebers who obsess over him.
Sydney Dalton is a sacrilege to Belieberism!
by BlueLaughter September 01, 2010
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When you are web surfing with your penis instead of your brain. You are surfing the net and you click on ads, videos, or pictures because of a suggestive and/or scantily clad thumbnail, even though your brain knows it's probably spam and may or may not lead to more pictures/videos of an erotic nature.
That facebook game looked so bad, but I totally dick clicked it because of the hot chick with the massive cleavage.

I knew the video would suck and the thumbnail of the girl's round ass was a total tease, but I dick clicked it anyways.
by bluelaughter December 05, 2013
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A hashtag word or phrase on twitter used to bash a particular celebrity, company, product, or lifestyle, often going viral. Usually they originate from funny running jokes, though sometimes they originate from a company's own marketing hashtag gone awry. Examples include #Drakethetype, #McDstories, #qantasluxury, #AskJPM
#Drakethetype might just be the funniest bashtag of 2013.

#QantasLuxury quickly turned from a corporate marketing tag to a bashtag after they stranded 80,000 people around the world.
by bluelaughter April 16, 2014
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