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a shortened form of *hugs and kisses* the x's represent the hugs, and the o's represent the kisses. Normally used online when you dont want to type or simply cant reach the person.
*online chat* Well, this sucks, i have to leave. xoxoxoxo, bye.
by Blue Eyes March 25, 2004
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A drug store where the employees are underpaid and usually experience some kind of sexal harrassment during their employment. They wear bright turquoise vests and answer the phone accordingly, "Thank you for calling Happy Harry's (enter location here). thi is (employee name here) how may i help you?" This over-charging drugstore, with a fully stocked and functional pharmacy, is run by none other than "Happy Harry's" son, Alan Levin, who's wife pretty much does his work for him.
Happy Harry's is to Duane Read of NYC.
by Blue Eyes February 17, 2005
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a small town in Northern Delaware home to a bunch of rich people, kind of like Newport Beach, CA only 10 times smaller. The kids get bored and go to Hockessin or happy harry's in their parents' cars unless they are crashing them. The old people live in Stonegates (the retirement community) which covers about 90% of the popuation. The parents are too busy working, throwing elaborate parties, getting divorces, or drinking scotch to look out for their kids' habits and social behavior. Greenville is the only place in the tristate area that doesn't have a Wawa or McDonalds. There's a really boring museum and lots of white people. In fact, the only black person you really see is the manager at Happy Harry's, who likes to hit on his employees. Local activities include bridge night, beer pong and spending large amounts of money on Ebay.
Newport Beach, CA divided by 20
by Blue Eyes February 17, 2005
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