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The order in which weed is smoked, sparks lights it, dibs is second, tribes is third and quads is fourth.
"i call sparks"
"dibs is where its at punks"
"nahh tribes is the bomb"
"quads gets roach knee gahs"

Let the way of sparks, dibs, tribes, quads lead you.
by Bleeding Madras January 26, 2009

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When you jack (steal) something from a store. Its the price of any item with a five finger discount.
Theif: Yoo dude I got this monster for free ninty nine!
Tony: Yeah everythings free ninty nine with a five finger discount.
by Bleeding Madras October 24, 2009

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When you see a person that seems nice but have a feeling that she will stab every one in the back one day.
cindy: hey guys! come over to my house for truth or dare!

bob: dude i wouldent she will use the secrets to kill you in the future - im getting an extreme bitch vibe from her.
by bleeding madras February 18, 2009

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