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When You walk by a group of friends who are socializing and you stop by them to fart and continue on as if nothing has happened. They will get pissed off and blame each other for your comic Relief.

"Dude do you smell that?"
"Yeah, I think Omar just pulled a Gas n Go."
"Son of a Bitch!"
Gas n' Go gas gassy fart smell stink
by Blarger.boy April 30, 2009
while roaming in europe and suddenly nature calls
you run into the restroom and try to relieve your balls
but suddenly your pee,

is interrupted by the door bitches fee
that is when you have to flee

....<(You PAY)...........<(No Way)
('.')....................._ (")
{ }...................._- {:}
L L........................@@

Urinator: Man that whiz felt good : )
Door Bitch: You pay money now!
Urinator: Hell no, I'll see you later alligator. I'm gonna Pee and Flee!
urinator whiz bitches pee Pee and Flee
by Blarger.boy July 7, 2009
Wait for a car to order a bunch of food at a drive-thru restaurant

Watch the car pull around to the window and wait for the cashier to hand the food bag out the window

While the bag is being exchanged you run inbetween the car and the window, snatch the bag, and run to a secret hiding spot where you can enjoy your ganked food

This can be done with no harm to a stranger as the car's order will be remade for them. It can also be done in league with a friend as you can select exactly what food you want and have that order doubled (but you have to act surprised or pisst in the car; and maybe have the passenger get out and chase the thief to make it seem believable)

Remember, many drive-thrus have cameras so its suggested to conceal your identity with a mask of some sort; the HAMBURGLAR costume will suffice

Driver: What the FUCK?! Freak just Stole my food!

Cashier: No, thats the Hamburglar, He does a fast food handoff here every now and then, we'll have to remake your order.
by Blarger.boy August 6, 2009