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the way most adults or people who hate pokemon call pokemon
I like jamaicans because they never call pokemon "pokeman"
Person 1: Dude pokeman is gay.
person 2: number 0ne, it's called pokemon you Dipshit!
number Two, there is no gayness in pokemon (except when team rocket cross-dresses but thats a different story) so lay off you cock-sucking, mother-fucking son of a bitch!
by BlackWarGreymon October 01, 2006
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BlackAgumon's mega form. He can create a big-ass fire ball and chuck it making a huge explosion. He also uses moves like "Dragon Crusher" and "Black Tornado". On Digimon Rumble Arena, he can do a choke slam on someone then kick them. You can tell that I'm a fan of him because that's what I put my name as.
A.K.A. Evil WarGreymon.
(WarGreymon comes up to BlackWarGreymon)
WarGreymon: Yo what up niger?
by BlackWarGreymon October 06, 2006
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a blue and black kick-@$$ pok'emon from the shinou region. it is the star of the ninth or tenth pok'emon movie: Lucario and the mystery of mew. it can do a sweet move called Wave Guiding Bomb. it can be found in pokemon diamond and pearl. Steel/Fighting
Lucario, Wave Guiding Bomb!!!
by BlackWarGreymon October 01, 2006
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