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Not your typical rat. This is a saying used in an insulty manner. It has to be used with a capital A because the A is very emphasized.
by BitchWithDumbDefinitions November 28, 2021
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When somebody awkwardly texts "so...." to you. Stop fucking so-ing, it's weird.
Crush: <Insert cliche crush comment here>
*Conversation gets awkward*
Me: Okay. So..........
Crush: Bruh. Stop so-ing
by BitchWithDumbDefinitions October 7, 2019
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A tick with Rick Astley's face on it. Its pretty self explanatory
Friend: *shows picture of Tick Astley*
You: Oh what the fuck is that?!
Friend: Tick Astley, you just got Tick Rolled
by BitchWithDumbDefinitions October 12, 2021
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A cursed snapchat is when you use a try it with a friend snap and the other one joins on an object behind you
Girl 1: Oh my god! Look at this! I did a Snapchat filter and it put it on an object behind me!
Girl 2: OH SHIET. THAT'S A CURSED SNAPCHAT!! You have ghosts!!
by BitchWithDumbDefinitions October 8, 2019
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A Macaw that can be dyed blue to represent the dead blue macaws.

Normal Macaw are colored white. Because white things are normal
Black boi: Normal Macaw
White boi: What the heck? What is a normal macaw? What color is it?
Black Boi: White. Because white things are normal

True story.
by BitchWithDumbDefinitions October 7, 2019
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Triple F is the cool name for the squad. The 3 Fs stand for Fat Fred Forever. Fred is a fat pigeon my friend found in New York, he was so sexy he needs to live on forever in hearts and memories.
Friend 1: Look at Fat Fred
Friend 2: We should make a sweatshirt about it
Friend 3: Omg that's genius!
Friend 2: Yeah we'll call it the Triple F squad standing for Fat Fred Forever
by BitchWithDumbDefinitions November 29, 2021
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The superior to Pepperoni. Commonly used in RIP which means in meme term; Rest in Pepperoni.

Pronounced: (Pep - or - in- or - e)
"Rest in Pepporinori"
by BitchWithDumbDefinitions October 13, 2021
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