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A piercing glance that induces a person to reveal personal and/or secret information.

Derived from Oprah Winfrey and her omniscient and omnipotent stare.
Ian: "So who pooped in the yard last night Brooke?

(Oprah Stare)"

Brooke: "Dammit! Stop giving me the Oprah Stare! I did it okay..."
by Birdinthehand January 01, 2011
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Performing oral sex upon a female. (E)ating a (G)irl (O)ut. Sounded out (Ego, as in "He has a huge ego. He needs to get over himself.")
My girlfriend wants E.G.O., but I'm just not comfortable enough with her.
by BirdintheHand September 01, 2010
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A phrase used when one is supremely connfident in what he/she thinks or knows; having no doubt that one is right.
That ass is so fat, that's fordamnsure.
by BirdintheHand May 05, 2011
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