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A form of 'dancing' that is becoming more popular with the younger crowd at metal shows. I believe it evolved from the 'emo' , 'hardcore' scene but can now be seen at most any show you go to where heavy music is played. I would assume the reason for this is that recently, most styles of metal have crossed and blended into eachother.

This makes for some great music, but the 'Hardcore Dancing' is possibly the lamest, most retarded thing Ive ever seen. Its basically a person who looks like he never lifted a weight in his life flailing his harms and doing spin kicks as if he were fighting a barrage of invisible attackers. They seem to have no regard for anyone around them, as most times this 'dancing' will take place in the middle of a club that's packed shoulder to shoulder and several onlookers will get hit 'by accident'.
While I still see it as a valid form of expression, the middle of a crowd is not the place to do it! To make matters even more ridiculous, most of these kids seem to be pansies. Crack head thin or haneously out of shape, they walk around like they're a bunch of badasses and then suddenly break out into a 'dance' that looks like Jackie Chan having an epilleptic seizure.

If the dancing were choreographed, or at least followed the music to any degree it might look pretty cool...sad thing is Im sure some of these guys are really trying to do that but the poser fairy ninja wannabes ruin the whole scene for them.

The best part is, if anyone actually jumps in the pit and tries to 'mosh' the way it should be done, they run for the sidelines like the pussies they are.

Compared to old school 'moshing', where people would headbang and shove eachother, a 'hardcore dancing' pit seems much more malicious. In a mosh pit, if someone fell down or got hit by accident people would generally stop, pick the person up, get him out of the pit, etc. In a hardcore dancing area, bystanders are getting punched and kicked,etc. Just last night I was at an InFlames concert and some 120lb punk in a wife beater gave me a roundhouse to the arm while i was trying to watch the show. I went in after him and he ran away!!

Hardcore dancing could actually evolve into a cool form of self-expression. However, for the most part its sissy-bitch weaklings who think its cool to act like a bunch of morons and hurt people at metal shows.

The people who are really into hardcore dancing and are trying to take it to another level should really reign in the shitheads, as they're ruining the scene for everybody.

"Hardcore Dancing" is what moshing has turned into because the world is becoming overpopulated with the MTV generation. A subclass of American youth that think its cool to talk shit and disrespect one another. Put that music on your iPod and get in the squat rack. Then you'll be hardcore.
by BigVrunga February 15, 2006

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