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Fizzy is a beautiful , sensible girl who loves eveyone and cares for them and never wants bad things to happen to anyone she trusts eveyone she is loved by a man/boy who letter will start with J she will fall in love with him and be with him forever.

Fizzy was god gifted with miracles and powers until she loses them.

Fizzy has lost her bestfriend but she keeps going her day without her her boyfriend is always there's for her and would never do anything bad or horrible to her he will keep her loved and be fragile on her .

When fizzy turns 16-17 she will be incredible hot and peng and She will get all the mans but the only man She will want is the guy starting with the letter J
My girlfriend is amazing her name is fizzy
by BigThickGirlBoss November 26, 2016
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Means Bitch but a shorter way for lazy people who can't write Bitch so bishh is a new way and it's good to create beaf ..
" Omg Did u See That Bitch Megan". " Oi Gabie FUCK u Little Bishh"
by BigThickGirlBoss November 26, 2016
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