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A generic term referring to any offense commited anally E.g. rape, molestation etc. Usually a buttcriminal, one who commits buttcrimes, can be identified on sight by a thick moustache, skinny physique, and tight pants (pants colored anything but brown, black or blue on a skinny moustached man assure buttcriminality)
Fred: See that starbucks barista?
Joe: with the moustache??
Fred: yeah! he was convicted of 3rd degree buttcrime! thats butt felony !
Joe: He's a buttcriminal? i thought he was just a hipster.
Fred: same thing.
by BigNig69 December 30, 2012

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A ten to twenty inch deepthroat.
Al: Wow, did you hear about Jonathan giving that black guy a Murdock?

Kareem: Yeah, I sure did.
by Bignig69 March 14, 2008

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