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n. Someone of Small Stature or Size
aka Scott Cohen's nickname is Peewee due to his small size. Penis and Body
by Big Z March 29, 2003
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A relatively large amount of a powder substance, usually cocaine, that when inhaled will give the inhaler a choking sensation due particulate matter irritating air passages in the troat and lungs;
"God damn, god damn! I almost fuckin' puked off that gagger I just ripped! But I'm geeked of my ass now so its all good."
by Big Z August 15, 2004
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The act of smelling an unsuspecting and/or unwilling girls hair. Usually for one's own personal smelling pleasure and usually done quickly and creepily. Considered a form of rape.
That guy's been smellraping every girl he sees.
by big z April 07, 2005
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